Nothing is good or Bad, Only our Attitude makes it so!

Our Attitudes pretty much determine what sort of a life we live. Yes I know this is a very sweeping generalisation but in it’s essence it is what I believe to be true. The sentence above says it all.

Imagine someone falling over and breaking a leg. One person might start feeling sorry for this person and say “Oh you poor thing! You really were unlucky. Now you can’t walk and have to stay at home for a while”. Another person might see the accident form a different perspective and not feel pity at all. Their attitude might be that the person was deserving of the accident because they were being punished. Yet another person’s attitude is that everrthing happens for a reason. He might say to the person ” Your body was obviously telling you you needed a rest and you didn’t listen. But now you have to”

How much is in your cup?

If we have a positive attitude to life we are better able to cope with seeming difficulties. Rather than seeing them as some sort of punishment or bad luck we may choose to see an opportunity. If you see the cup as being half full your thirst will be quenched. If you see it as half empty, chances are you probably focus on not having enough and stay thirsty

This Ebook has text and exercises. They texts provide you with some insights. The thought provoking exercises follow on form the text  to allow you to  look at how your atitudes are influencing your life.

                                                                              Attitudes Ebook

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I hope you will find it help. Please be sure to leave your comments, questions, thoughts.

Thank You.


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  1. Rosa says:

    Hi Greenvee,

    This is a thought provoking website giving your readers (us) some thoughts about our attitude. Most people don’t really know their own personal attitude until it’s brought to their attention.

    I downloaded the ebook and found some exercises to list your own personal attitude about different areas in life. This ebook is interesting…provides a lot of information with more exercise to follow.

    I agree as you stated that by having a positive attitude to life we can better cope with any difficult circumstances, keeping in mind, that things will get better. Whereas others believe it to be bad luck or some punishment.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    • admin says:

      and thank you for reading and taking the time to download the book Rosa.

      It all always comes back to choice and responsibility I think.

      All the best, enjoy the rest of the book. You might like to sign up for the 30 Life Changing Habits too. The Ecourse is also FREE


  2. George says:

    Found your over view interesting and wanted to keep reading.

    I successfully downloaded the free E-book with no problems.

    i have also signed up for your news letter and received an email.

    I had a look at some of your recent posts which were of interest also.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • admin says:

      Hi George,

      thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I am sure you will find some good habits to adopt in the 30 Life Changing Habits.

      Please let me know your thoughts once you have read the book

      Have fun with the habits too!

      All the best


  3. Ryan says:

    A lot of it boils down to the law of attraction. Your attitude towards life will either attract encouragement or the exact opposite if we are not mindful of our thoughts and the way we view our lives.
    Who was the author of this eBook and are there more titles by him/her? It would be a shame if this was the only one

    • admin says:

      Hi Ryan,

      thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am the author of the Ebook. I am hoping it will not be the only one! Stay posted so you know when the next one is published

      All the best


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