About Me

Hi, welcome to Your Mind-Body-Soul!

I was born on the beautiful Nature Island in the Caribbean. Most of my life was spent  in London and Germany, while travelling and living in many other places on the way.14.aug val dshwa pic resized

My journey to self-discovery and self-development started in Germany.  I was often asked why I went to Germany of all places; guess it was my destiny. Life brings us surprises and we often end up in places we might never have imagined, but there is a reason. At least that is what I believe.

My Passion

For most of my life, I have been passionate about helping people and am really excited that I am able to do so through this website. I have been given so much help and support along my journey; my intention here is to give back some of that  by making the experience and knowledge I have acquired along the way available for you. 

How do I do this? I intend to do so through:
  • my coaching – please take me up on my offer of a  Free 30 Minute session to find out whether my method is one which can help you. I specialise in life/relationship coaching for people who want to make changes in their lives but are not sure where or how to start.                                      I help them to quickly identify the area of change, plan the steps and get moving immediately on implementing those changes and seeing results. For more detailed information please click here
  • the blogs – my blogs are on a variety of subjects, topics, issues related to our mind, bodies and souls – please feel free to let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to read about
  • my shop – A shop for YOUR mind, body and soul! I have put together a shop with articles which I think might be of use or interest for you. As I will be updating the contents regularly, I encourage you to take a look from time to time.
  • your comments – I would love to hear from you. Not only because I am interested in what YOU have to say; I believe other readers would be too. I am a strong believer in learning from each other. Sharing what you have to say might help someone else in some way you never thought of!

Always open for feedback and comments, so please let me know how I can help by leaving your comments.


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