Let ME help YOU make YOUR day perfectly WONDERFUL!

Let me Help You Create Your Ideal Day

Where or Who do you turn to when you need help?

Life being the way it is means we all need some help from time to time. It could be for something short term like someone to take care of the children while you run an errand. Or something a bit longer term, like proofreading the book you are working on. Whatever it is, how do you decide who you will ask for that help? There are probably many you could ask, and there are many criteria for the final decision, depending of course on the situation.

There are though other times when you need help and there is no one around who can provide it so you opt for someone you might  not know so well if at all. This is a situation people often find themselves in when looking for a coach. Especially if they are looking for an online coach. And if you are reading this I guess that is exactly the situation you find yourself in.

Why turn to me?

You don’t know me and yet I am asking you to choose me to work with! It might sound arrogant but believe me it isn’t. There are many other life coaches out there to choose from; there will be some who are cheaper, some more expensive. Others will have more experience and some less. Some have more clients and some fewer. I don’t believe that is important.

What is important is that you stopped here for some reason, and for that reason alone I would like to invite you to take advantage of my “30 Life Changing Habits” Ecourse. It is completely free of charge and obligation.

My second offer is a FREE 30 MINUTE COACHING SESSION – just to get to know me and decide if we can work together. If after the 30 Minutes you decide you do not want to continue working with me, you don’t even have to say anymore.  You will have the assurance then whether you need someone else OR NOT. And I will be happy to have been of some assistance in helping you get more clarification.

Each person’s needs are different and that is why there are different coaches – each person will find the right person to suit their individual needs. I hope I will be the right person to help you fulfill your needs

The alternative?

My way of working is like eating an elephant!  I can just hear you saying Whaaaat??? No I am not asking you to actually Eat an elephant, that is just a way of describing the way I work. How could I invite you to eat an elephant when I would not do so myself!!

In our initial session together we determine where it is you want to get to, that is we establish that the elephant is there. This may mean we first have to look at what is stopping you from getting there or reassess which tools and possibilities are available to facilitate your getting there. But clarity about where you want to get to is a necessity. THEN we can start laying out a roadmap of HOW we are going to get there.

But of course I am not going to disclose everything now!  If you feel that  my method could be right for you, I would love to hear from you.

Sign up here for your  free 30 Minute Session.


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