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Improving Your Health With The Most Underrated Medicine

Laughter improves health. This medicine is free, has only positive side effects and is always available, even without a prescription. Yet how many doctors prescribe LAUGHTER as a “medicine” for improving our health, in other words, laughter as medicine? I would guess very very few. Ever been on a bus or train and someone has Read More

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Do You Think Spending Money Can buy Happiness?

Happiness and Money don’t go together! I can imagine the first reaction of many of you reading this is “of course not!” or “How could she think money can buy happiness?” or maybe even “What a question; there are so many reasons why money can’t buy happiness.” I recently engaged in a  discussion on the Read More


Why Would Believing in Miracles Make You Happy?

Miracles? Can I believe something I don’t see? I think it safe to say that we mostly associate the word miracles with some sort of happening or event in a religious context. The feeding of the 5,000 with 5 loaves and two fish by Jesus is probably the best known example. Or when Jesus turned Read More


Meditation -Shifting from Seeking and Doing to BEING. Are you ready for it?

Getting Started Before I actually started a LASTING regular meditation practice, I had “tried” many times and given up. You might remember from one of my other blogs how I feel about the word try, and that was what I was doing all the time, trying, although I was not really aware of this at that time. Once Read More