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Improving Your Health With The Most Underrated Medicine

Laughter improves health. This medicine is free, has only positive side effects and is always available, even without a prescription. Yet how many doctors prescribe LAUGHTER as a “medicine” for improving our health, in other words, laughter as medicine? I would guess very very few. Ever been on a bus or train and someone has Read More


Being in a State of Overwhelm & How to Deal With it

Overwhelm For some time overwhelm seemed to be one of my constant companions. It got me down because I really did not know how to deal with it. That was till a  recent conversation with a friend which changed my outlook on overwhelm but more importantly on the things I was doing which were causing Read More


The Thriving Business Mindset

Guest Blog by Jeanette Koczela The Thriving Business Mindset By Jeannette Koczela Most of the entrepreneurs that I have met who are not having the kind of success that they desire have a problem with their mindset. I can sense it when I hear them talk about their business. Unfortunately, they aren’t aware of their Read More


7 Simple Steps to Effectively Stop Procrastinating Immediately

  Procrastination – this word has mostly negative connotations, and is associated with laziness, lacking clarity, having no direction, purpose or goal. I think that most of us know and have maybe even experienced how procrastinating can influence our lives. Yet at the same time many of us just can’t seem to deal with it Read More


Mindfulness Practice for Everyday Life

“Mindfulness” has become quite a trendy word over the last years. What is it and how does a Mindfulness practice help to  improve our lives? Not that it is something new; the practice of Mindfulness or being mindful  just seems  to have increased in popularity or got more exposure over the  years. How can we incorporate Read More