Books, Music, and More

Hand-picked for you

A hand-picked selection of books, music, and more to help you refresh, rejuvenate and relax on your life’s journey.

These are some books which have inspired and motivated me along this journey and opened up new doors and new ways of thinking. I would be very happy if they would also be of some value to you in whichever way.

As well as taking time to refresh your mind, take time for YOU, holistically. You might choose some music and allow that to inspire you, help you relax, allow you to form new perspectives. The accessories are Fair Trade Products which you can give as a gift to yourself or someone else, knowing that you will have made a positive contribution to the lives of others and to the planet.

I update the page every now and then so stay posted for new additions. 

Which book or film has inspired and motivated you the most along your life’s journey?