How many more reasons do you need to adopt an alkaline based diet?

Acid & Alkaline Foods

Alkaline or Acidic?

Whether you opt primarily for acidic or alkaline foods will of course determine to a large extent what your overall health looks like. But do you know the difference between the two and which foods fall into which categories? Before we get started try out this short quiz. Have a go at it to see what you already know about acidic or alkaline foods.

An overview

Just to clarify,  I am not talking about the stuff in your car battery. This is about the  chemical reaction taking place in your body when you eat one or the other type of food. I am not going to go into the nitty gritty scientific stuff here, because there are many other such articles you could look into. My intention here is to give you some basic, clear and easy to understand information to help you form your own opinion.

Acidic sour apples

Just  a note about lemons and citrus fruit. Many people think of them as being acidic and therefore avoid eating them. Actually they are acidic but only outside the body. Once in the stomach and its minerals have gotten into the bloodstream,  citrus juice has an alkalising effect. It therefore helps to increase the body’s pH value. In fact a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon juice works wonders for the digestion.

What about Alkalines?

On the other end of the scale we have food which are alkalising in the body. We can count them as being the healthy alternatives. Foods like most fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts, green tea, olive oil, legumes are high on the list of alkaline foods. Their high antioxidant levels, mineral content and their ability to balance out our body’s pH values make them the better choice.

Raspberries - Highly Alkaline Foods

What does it matter if I eat acidic or alkaline foods?

A balanced diet is the best, so it is actually quite ok to eat  both types. However if you want to stay healthy it is not such a good idea to allow your diet to weigh too heavily on the side of the acid producing foods. Why? Because they cause all sorts of di-ease and dysfunctioning of our systems. I am sure it is not much fun having any of the following:

  • A buildup of excess acid waste and toxins in the tissues can cause Cellulite
  • Increased levels of uric acid in the body from a diet which is high in acids or purines can lead to Arthritis
  • Excess uric acid buildup in the form of crystals can cause Kidney stones
  • Heart attack can result from arteries and veins becoming clogged or blocked from excess  acid waste attaching itself to the arterial walls. Too much acid can cause the arteries to become blocked

Too much acidic food can  further result in

  •  rheumatic pains
  •  heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure
  •  gallstones
  •  allergies
  •  gout
  •  heartburn
  •  gastritis
  •  restriction of blood flow
  •  osteoporosis 

Chronic Acidosis

Having an acidosis condition does not happen overnight. It is a gradual buildup of  toxins and waste and a diminishing of the body’s reserves over time. Chronic metabolic acidosis  impedes essential metabolic processes in the body, preventing the correct functioning of our bodily systems. Some of them could result in bone disease, kidney disorders or in the worst case kidney failure.

As ( chronic) acidosis could eventually cause all cells, functions and organs to degenerate, diets high in acids are a major cause of death and a large majority of, if not most, illnesses.

Another perspective – “Light” Food

From an energy perspective, diseases and illnesses stem from blockages and disharmonies which prevent our life energy from flowing naturally. Certain foods have high levels of  “light” or Biophotons which boost our health. It is now widely acknowledged that our cells (and those of other living creatures ) emit light waves, also known as biophotons.

Through photosynthesis plants take in energy from the sun. It is stored in the plants and converts to biophotons. Apparently the higher the level of light stored in the plant the higher its nutritional level.  This leads many to believe that raw foods contain many properties which heal and energise us. Freshly prepared meals with natural ingredients contain a lot of minerals, vitamins, trace elements and therefore more “life energy.” The energy in such foods allow the body to regenerate easier and faster following illness or as a preventative measure.

Basically we can say that the opposite is true for foods which have been modified, processed, treated with hormones. They negatively affect our energy system. Stress hormones  produced and stored when animals are slaughtered or indeed everything we “feed” ourselves on like the news can also be included here. The results can be seen in the state of our physical, mental and spiritual health.  

What can you do to avoid acidosis

  1. have more alkaline foods on your menu
  2. avoid or reduce the intake of certain acid producing foods such as white flour, sugar, coffee, animal fat, alcohol
  3. drink sufficient water, preferably pure water
  4.  eat more green and leafy vegetables and alkaline fruits
  5. reduce your intake of sweets, cakes etc
  6.  make sure you get enough rest and relaxation -avoid stress
  7. detox the body regularly with an alkaline bath or by eating juicy fruit which helps to get rid of toxins
  8.  eat less sweet fruit

Why adopt an alkaline based diet?

Why should you bother? is it worth the effort? I certainly think so because the benefits are many. Some of them will include less risk of becoming diabetic, better digestion, more energy, improved mood, more fun and vitality in your life, natural weight reduction and maintenance, fewer illnesses and diseases. With improved health you can look forward to a more enjoyable and longer retirement. You would have more money to enjoy it too hopefully because you will not be spending large amounts on medication .

Did it help? Your next step?

Thank you for taking the time to read the article. I hope you will find something interesting in it and that it will be of benefit to you in one way or another. Can you imagine using this as a basis for changing something in your life?  If you can, what is your next step going to be?

 I would like to stress that I am not a doctor and this information does not constitute any form of  diagnosis or substitutes a visit to your physician. As always I am happy to hear your comments, thoughts and questions. There is a nice empty comment box below just waiting for you to write something. Go on, please don’t leave it empty and lonely! 🙂

Till then all the best


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