characters-1018672__180Have you ever asked yourself the question, what is my life’s purpose?

Before we look at this, we might like to think about or ask ourselves the couple of other questions such as, is there a purpose to life? or put differently, does life have to have purpose? This is a question that each individual will have to answer for themselves, or in some cases the answer to the individual purpose in life may be determined by religious or cultural beliefs.

What is my purpose in life?indian-622358__180

This question tops the million dollar questions list of many.  As human beings, we hold on to the inherent belief that everything happens for a reason. That the events, people, or experiences appearing on our life’s path happen in order to serve a certain purpose. Well, at least many of us do. We are a part of others’ lives as much as they are a part of ours. So,  what part do they play in our lives, and most importantly, how instrumental  are we to their lives? And how does this tie up with having or knowing your life’s purpose?

There are no accidents. Really?

If there truly are no accidents or coincidences, then each and every one of us has a purpose, even though many people live out their entire lives without finding it. However big or small the roles may be, a lot of people have no idea what their calling is. They might have  either abandoned the search or never sought to discover it in the first place.

But why is it so hard?thinker-1294493__180

People of all walks of life, from psychology patients to world leaders, at one point in life, will most likely struggle at some point in their life  with reconciling what they are really here for. Amassing success never really quenches that feeling deep down, the search for that something that will make them complete.

How do I find my purpose in life?

The search for the unknown seems as hard as it is confusing. And finding one’s purpose, by definition, is that search for the unknown. Phrases like “you’ll know when you find it” are so common yet seemingly unhelpful to the majority of those it is directed at.

Anyone who takes a step back from life and observes the world around them will see one thing: the vast majority of us are in a constant  rush. We are too busy to take time out and figure out the important things. Granted, it is a fast-paced world, and it takes a lot of effort to keep up. But take time we must if we are really serious about finding an answer to the question. We are unlikely to find it in all the distractions delivered to us daily on our electrical devices, neither are we likely to complete this search in a shopping mall or megastore – although nothing is impossible and being in one of these situations could be just the right setting for someone to discover the answer to discovering their purpose in life.

For most of us though the answer is more likely to come when we are able to take time and go within, looking at what we are passionate about, what makes us happy and discovering ways we could be of service to others doing exactly that which makes us happy, which make our hearts dance and our souls sing.

Why bother?

So what difference will it make to your life whether you know your life’s purpose or not?  It all comes down to happiness versus fulfilment. Can you truly have one without the other? The fact that living a life which is purpose-driven can be challenging, leads people to settle. We become comfortable with something not really befitting, something which is mediocre because stretching ourselves to find true happiness and fulfilment seems like too much work.
This does not mean that outward success counts for nothing, it just doesn’t count for everything.pablo (3)

Have you ever felt lost? Have you ever felt a void, off-track or unsettled? That’s why you should bother. Conventions defining the “good life” fail to put into account personal turmoil or lack of it. Sure, some people might be  envious of your house, car, spouse, but when alone with yourself, the one person you can’t wear a mask for, is that the case, is it really the “Good Life”?

True happiness comes from fulfilment. The feeling of belonging to something greater than yourself alone is not enough. Finding that something and  immersing yourself in it, this brings us the fulfilment we so often long for.  We have seen enough images of so-called “poor families” look way happier than the wealthy. The difference? Contentment in finding and serving their purpose. And we ought not to forget that wealth and poverty are relative terms.

Where, or how  to find my purpose in life?hand-1245939__180

You find it within yourself.
Most of us in pursuit of happiness have turned to motivational speakers, their books, and even infamous televangelists all in the name of discovering our purpose in life. Finding your calling is and will always be a personal journey. The place to look is within, and not in others. The books or speakers may offer a temporary reprieve and even convince you that you have found it, only for the hollowness to return later on.

Again, finding your purpose takes self-reflection and a journey to knowing yourself. Ask yourself how your daily actions define you. Your reactions to certain failures and successes will tell you what you truly value and what you do not, or just thought you did.
Any connection felt towards an activity or purpose, anything that brings out your passionate and true inner self is worth pursuing. What you enjoy doing is what you “should” be doing.

Why do these people turn up in my life?

As to how or what others who come into our lives might have (something) to do with our life’s purpose – well at times people “show” up in our lives seemingly out of the blue. However when we look back we can see a connection between the appearance of these people and the way other events and incidents unfolded. Often times we see these incidents and events leading us to pursue an avenue we might previously not have thought about AT ALL which leads us to doing something we love, which makes us happy, and where we are living our purpose.

Of course you might say that those things would have happened anyway, but can we know that? If that person had not shown up would we have gone down that road?

Although we might not be able to answer these questions definitively, it still pays to be kind and of good heart to others, to interact and spread positivity to those around you.  Who knows, in doing something for someone you may end up discovering that it is in fact what you love and are meant to do. That would at least be your first step to fulfilment.


Does this ring true for you? Would you say you have found and are living your life’s purpose? Would you like to share something of the journey you took to get there?

Other than you life’s purpose, if you believe you have one, what are your passions? What brings you joy? Ever thought of turning that passion into a business? The first step would be to create a website – you can get one for free right here.

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