Are you ready for Homeopathy? Read more


Are You Ready for Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine which practitioners have been using for thousands of years. This form of therapy can be used  to treat everything from life threatening illnesses to the common cold. Many people who swear by and only use modern medicine may find it suspicious. However homeopathy today is still one of the most used forms of medical treatment worldwide. Homeopathy treatment has long been a popular alternative to school medicine and continue to gain popularity in the western world. 

Homeopathic Globules

Homeopathy as a form of therapy was discovered by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann at the end of the eighteenth century. The word itself is a combination of two Greek words, homoion meaning similar and pathos meaning suffering.  and drop forms. The remedies originate mostly from plants and minerals. Of the over 2000 different remedies you will also find some which are animal based products. The remedies  are available as tablets, globules and as liquid drops.

The three principles of Homeopathy

There are three principles upon which homeopathic healing is based. The main one is that like treats like. Instead of treating you based on the disease doctors think you have, homeopathy physicians treat you based on the symptoms you know you have. The second principle is that there is only one treatment, not two or more like a traditional doctor might give you. The third principle is that we take everything  in extremely small doses.

How does it work?

To treat yourself homeopathically, you must figure out all the symptoms. Once you know your symptoms, you find a substance that causes the exact same set of symptoms. To date there are over 2000 remedies, so finding the right one may take some time. There are homeopathic remedy finders which can be of help. Because you are only taking a very small amount, the danger of harmful side effects is minimised. The homeopathic cure is generally long term or even permanent.

A common reaction among people hearing about homeopathy for the first time is one of scepticism – they cannot understand how treating symptoms with something that causes your symptoms could work. It seems totally counterintuitive. But it is a concept that has been used in modern medicine as well as more ancient cures. Shots commonly used to treat allergies contain a small amount of whatever you’re allergic to. Many vaccines contain a small amount of the disease they’re designed to protect against.Homeopathy


Originally  Dr. Hahnemann used the remedies in their pure form  before discovering that they were then too strong. Since then the substances have been diluted according to a strict potentiation principle:the potencies are grouped into potencies of either hundred(C) or ten (D)potentiations. This would mean that a C30 remedy would have been diluted by a factor of 100 at each stage of dilution. The D potentiations mean that  the original remedy was diluted ten times at each stage.


According to Hahnemann, the remedy for a person’s symptoms is exactly the set of symptoms produced when a healthy person takes the globule. A good therapist will always carry out a thorough interview with and write up a medical history of the patient before prescribing any of the substances.  Remedies with a higher potency produce a longer and more lasting effect.

Some other types of homeopathic treatment

Bach Flower Remedies

“And may we ever have joy and gratitude in our hearts that the Great Creator of all things, in His Love for us, has placed the herbs in the fields for His healing. “Heal Thyself by Dr. Bach”

Dr. Edward Bach discovered the original Bach Flower remedies in England during the 1920 – 1930s. When we are free from emotions which throw us off balance we are better able to cope with life. The flower remedies help to bring us back to this state. The wild flowers used for the gluten free remedies are preserved in grape brandy. They are natural and safe for adults, children and even animals.

Bach Flower Remedies - Homeopathic Remedies

Schuessler Cell Salts

Another German  doctor, this time Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, identified the 12  salts in the 1870s. He discovered that  our cells contain 12  salts which are vital for the correct functioning of our bodies. Schuessler salts are compounds of these 12 salts and used correctly help to replenish and  balance the body’s mineral content. Healthier hair and nails, nourished blood and muscles are some of the results you can expect from using the salts.


Homeopathic Schuessler Cell Salts

Are they safe?

Those who use homeopathic medicine  consider it  effective, and it does have many benefits over modern medicine. Homeopathic remedies are natural. While this doesn’t necessarily make all of them safe, these remedies cause fewer side effects, have little drug interactions, and are generally better for your overall health.

Homeopathic medicines are also better for your body because they work with it. Plus, they do not have the negative side effects of most pharmaceuticals. Many modern medicines work to suppress symptoms like fever or coughing. These symptoms are the body’s natural ways to get rid of disease. The result is that instead of suppressing symptoms, homeopathic medicine works to cure the problem itself while addressing the specific symptoms.

Homeopathy physicians may take some time to find the right treatment as homeopathy is more individual than traditional medicine. But once they find  the right treatment, homeopathy can be very effective. Remember, just as there are  thousands of prescription and over the counter drugs, there are also a large number of  homeopathic remedies. A grounded knowledge of the different “medicines” is of course a requirement for deciding on the right form of treatment. That said, there is  general agreement that the chances of doing something “wrong” are considerably slimmer than with traditional medicine.

Self -Treat with Caution

Just like herbal remedies and other alternative medicines, you can buy homeopathic remedies over the counter. However this  doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe to treat yourself. If you’re serious about this treatment consider speaking to a homeopath or other doctor who has experience in alternative medicine first.

Have you ever used any of the homeopathic remedies described above? What were your experiences? Which is your favourite remedy?

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  1. Kerri says:

    Thank you for the well-informed post about Homeopathy for ourselves. We are true believers in finding the root of our problems and treating them at home.

    I was glad to see you had Bach Rescue Remedies in your post as those are a staple in our home along with so many other ways to treat our body naturally.

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