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Hi there and welcome,

do you know why you found this page? I can tell you. Because you are searching, looking for a change.

You know how you sometimes feel frustrated or alone? When you know you want and have to change something in your life but just don’t know how or where to start? Can you remember the times you have asked yourself how you can start making those changes? Probably even the times when you  felt l motivation disappear and replaced by a  feeling of overwhelm?

Well I think you found me because what I do  is provide a step-by-step method which helps you quickly identify the area of change you desire, plan the steps needed to get there,  and get moving  immediately with implementing those changes and seeing results.

Plain and simple…but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I am just a click away.

My Coaching Focus

The focus of my coaching is to help you find clear solutions and support you in making those  desired changes be it in the areas of self development , relationship or life coaching.

And if you “only” need someone to keep you accountable throughout the process to ensure the goals are met, I will do that and be your cheerleader all the way.…

If you are ready to move from living in doubt, frustration, lack of clarity to being clear, focused, enjoying improved relationships with yourself and others , and inspired in the areas of your personal and spiritual growth here is the answer.! I am looking forward to hearing from you. Contact me now, because YOU are worth it!


4 thoughts on “Coaching for Mind, Body, & Soul

  1. Gina says:

    I very much enjoyed browsing around your website. Your category “Coaching for the Mind” especially interested me – procrastination is something I have struggled with and am trying to overcome. You have found the keys to success in terms of mastering procrastination obstacles.
    What kinds of lessons do you offer in your 30 minute course?


  2. Steve says:

    Hi Vee, I am ready to move from living in doubt and lack of clarity to being clear and focused. I help others form good action plans for studying English everyday but sometimes I need help with my spiritual growth and confidence. Do you think you could coach me to believe in myself more? Thanks and good luck, Steve

    • admin says:

      Hi Steve,

      I feel I can but the more important question will be if YOU feel I am the right person to help you do so.

      I would like to invite you to take up my free 30 Minute Offer so we can decide if I am the right coach for you, how does that sound to you? Click on the link here to set up an appointment and we can take it from there.

      Thanks so much for getting in touch

      Be Happy Stay Well Go Safe


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